Okay, so this "treat" really won't get me anything but a sense of accomplishment, at long last. When I was a kid, we were a big "board game" family. Our family friends were "board game" families. Our cousins we'd visit in New Mexico were "board game" families. We had them all and we played them all.

I would occasionally win at Monopoly if we set a time limit. I would, from time to time, avoid the poor house in Life. But I never--never, I tell you--won a game of Clue in my lifetime...even into adulthood. That game is an exercise in futility for me.

I mean, I thought I HAD it on any number of occasions. I'd proudly announce that it was Mr. Green with the revolver in the billiard room--certain I had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat--only to discover it was Miss White with the knife in the conservatory.

Not. One. Thing. Right!


Bryan Gosline/Flickr Creative Commons

So, just this once, I want my "treat" to be a victory in the game of Clue. Obviously, it will amount to nothing, but it will prove that I CAN win this game--albeit with the help of a WBKR contest--but, hey, beggars can't be choosy.

So there it is. My "treat" of the day is a Clue victory. Anyone wanna help a guy out? If you do, and you've registered HERE, you'll win tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World.

Let's see...Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the ballroom.

That's not it?

Am I even playing the right game?