Neither did I. In fact, earlier this week, I was having a conversation with an old friend about getting older, but WISER. We're both in our 40s now, and I feel like I gain more wisdom with each passing year. How dumb of me.

Now, of course this all hinges on whether or not you accept the findings from a study published in the journal Trends in Genetics. If you do, then you're getting dumber. If you don't, well keep reading anyway. Now I don't know if we are actually losing our intelligence, but I get the point. It seems there are 5 things we do everyday that are dumbing us down.

And one of them is using the Internet. The study suggests that if you are constantly looking up information online, you're not increasing your ability to remember information--just where to look it up. That's an interesting point.

Then there's the part about all of us driving everywhere. The less cardio we do--even simply walking--the smaller the area of our brain that controls working memory gets.

Eating the wrong foods isn't helping either. Well, good Lord, that's not helping a LOT of things. But healthier foods make for healthier brain function it seems. Who am I to argue? And, clearly, I'm too dumb to argue about it, anyway.

Now, I don't know how many of you stay in your offices all day with several other co-workers. But all those people--yourself included--are exhaling carbon dioxide, and your strategic abilities are plummeting accordingly. Open a window. I just did.

Finally--and this may apply to a very small number of you--constantly traveling for work across multiple time zones is taking its toll. Jet lag, it seems, is making you dumb. Of course, if you have to get from Louisville to Denver in a few hours, I can't see how a car is going to help you, so you may be stuck.

So there you are.

Five ways you are getting dumber...that is, if you buy all that.