DUNKIN' DONUTS!! Where you been all my life? Well, until yesterday, December 19, 2011, NOT in Owensboro. But now you are here and we have been reunited after all these years.

It's been a long time, Dunkin'. You don't mind if I call you Dunkin', do you?


Anyway, you remember me, don't you? I'm Dave. Remember when my family and I used to make you a required pit stop when we'd go to Evansville? You remember, right? We'd all pile into the big white Ford Galaxy station wagon or the enormous yellow Mercury Monterey and go spend a Friday or a Saturday night in Evansville? It's all coming back to you now, isn't it?

Yeah, you'd be sitting there on Washington Avenue waiting while we had dinner at Mac's Barbecue or Red Lobster. We appreciated your patience on those nights when that lobby at Red Lobster was standing room only and there was an hour wait.

I remember how we'd go shopping at Ayr-Way or Washington Square Mall--huh?...Oh yeah, this was back before Eastland Mall went up. Long time ago. Anyway, we'd hit all the shopping spots.

At Christmas we'd go downtown to the Old Courthouse where they'd have the interior decked out with an unbelievable display. And all the while, we knew we had something to look forward to--a visit with our old friend, Dunkin' Donuts.

We were glad you always stayed open late because we just couldn't leave Evansville without getting some donuts or a big bag of donut holes for the next morning's breakfast.

Yep, those were the days. And, now you and I get to reminisce. Because I will be at your doorstep this Friday morning at 10:30 and we'll have a good two hours to rehash old times. Man, I'm glad you're in Owensboro now. It's been far too long.

See you Friday.