It's funny what happens when you least expect it. I had won tickets to Sunday's Colts/Titans game (I got more than a makeover for the company Christmas party) and I couldn't believe what I saw, and I'm not just talking about the Colts finally breaking their season-long losing streak.

I decided to take one of the biggest sports fans I know, my Dad, with me to Indianapolis. His favorite team? The Colts of course. I decided to be the spoiler and root for the Titans. This was the perfect game for me to attend since I haven't been able to make it to Nashville and the Titans have been there for what? Over ten years? So I finally got my chance. It's too bad a lot of the players I've rooted for over the years are long gone or in former quarterback Steve McNair's case, is no longer with us. After all the drama with Vince Young, Tennessee was able to snag a really good QB this year:

Former Seattle star, Matt Hasselbeck. As I was preparing for Sunday, I decided I needed some type of Titans gear, and all I could come up with was a Titans tee with Hasselbeck's name and number on the back. I bought Dad a Colts cap; he didn't end up wearing it much because he thinks his head is too big, yet he kept complaining about his hair looking bad. Dad also didn't trust the various driving directions we printed up OR our GPS; he kept looking down at it every five seconds. We got there in one piece:

Wow! I've been to big stadiums like Rupp Arena, the old Busch Stadium, and Bridgestone Arena, but I believe this might be the biggest I've encountered yet. In fact, Lucas Oil Stadium is the site for the upcoming Super Bowl. Madonna better not cancel! We had to take two escalators up to our seats, which were at a new level of nosebleeds, and they looked dangerous once we sat down, but it's awesome to see how big the place is from that perspective. I wouldn't recommend drinking a lot if you were to sit up that high, but as usual, that didn't stop anybody. Dad refused to get up because he was too scared. I only went out once for popcorn and once was definitely enough. Okay, onto the game.

The first half was very unproductive. We were shocked at how little yardage was picked up by both teams. Thus the halftime score was populated only by field goals with the Titans ahead 6-3. When I entered the stadium, I only saw one other person wearing Titans gear, and I got worried, but more showed up and none of them, at least I saw including me were heckled. The Titans only managed one more field goal, a touchdown and extra point in the second half. The Colts went nuts, scoring three touchdowns and bringing their tens of thousands of fans to their feet! Talk about a group fans who are loyal, they deserved a win for the ailing Colts, who have played all season without their MVP quarterback Peyton Manning. Bless my Dad, he tried to take a picture of Manning on the sideline, but he looked like a blue and khaki dot from our seats.

The next question is, can the Colts make it two in a row? They take on the Houston Texans at home this Thursday night. What a blast and a Merry Christmas to the Colts and their fans!