Don't look at me. I LIKE Evansville. Especially the really cool, older west side. I think the population is just about right and it has all the amenities. But the Gallup Well-Being Index (whatever THAT is) begs to differ.

It seems the root cause of this dubious distinction has something to do with something called the work environment index which measures perception on work experience. But there are no other reasons given.

And, in fact, that work environment index thingamabob doesn't really tell me a whole lot, anyway.

Are we really to accept Evansville as the 8th most miserable city in the country based on how a handful of people feel about their JOBS?!? Seriously?

And before you Kentuckians start crowing about this survey, the Commonwealth does not escape this list unscathed. In fact, one of the Bluegrass State's ten largest cities, Ashland, is tossed into a mix that includes Huntington, West Virginia and Ironton, Ohio. Apparently this survey calls them cities when they really mean metropolitan areas. Anyway, the Huntington-Ashland-Ironton trifecta checks in at a robust #2!

And none, of these metro areas is a large one. Apparently, the people who conducted this survey aren't too keen on small town America.

I mean, come on. Detroit, anyone?