This morning's Tad Poll simply asked: Am I the only one who calculates how much sleep I can get before going to bed? Moon said he thinks anyone who does that is 'weird.'

We got lots of deep, insightful responses. Check out some of the best comments we got on Facebook:

Roni Booth: Every. Single. Night.

Ron Dodson: Even my cell phone, when you set the alarm, tells you how many hours it will be before it goes off! :)

Jacquie Burgess: Absolutely, and after I'm in bed I don't look at the clock again because I don't want to know how long it is until I have to get up :)

Scott Darrin: As a truck driver I do it every time I lay down.

After the show, we asked Jaclyn what she thought about it. "I do that every night. EVERY night. But I have to go to bed, like at the top of the hour."

Listen to our whole, hilarious conversation: