Our WBKR digital gal was so excited to tell me last week that she had bought her first pair of skinny jeans! I was pretty pumped that she picked me to announce her achievement to first. She explained that because she's so 'curvy,' finding a pair of flattering skinny jeans was tough! Trust me, I understand this issue, ha! If anyone is "pear" shaped, it's yours truly!

So, for all my curvy girls out there, I have a few tips on finding the right skinny jeans and the accessories that flatter any body type.

  1. Dark is good - dark jeans will conceal and make you feel even skinnier.
  2. Wear with tall heals to elongate your legs.
  3. Wear a long, flowy shirt that drapes right above your inseam top. This covers your booty if you are self-conscious and makes your waist look longer and hips thinner.
  4. Jewelry like dangley earrings moves the eye upward away from your pear shape.
  5. Skinny jeans are super cute with big riding boots.

Now, check out some cute things that I scoured the internet to find just for you! (And, no I had absolutely NO FUN shopping on company time!)

I really like these dark Levi's. They have just enough baggy to hide the bumps and look adorable with heals!


If you want a more casual pair of skinny jeans to wear with flats or sandals, this pair from Victoria's Secret might be just right for you! Love the fold up cuff!

Victoria's Secret

This top from the Bloor Door Boutique in Georgia is great because it shows off your silhouette but has the low bottom that covers the bootay.



No matter what you wear or where you are going, remember these things:

  • Put your shoulders back
  • Chin up
  • Lipgloss on
  • SMILE!

Ok girls, get out there, you are ready!