My birthday is January 7th. For time immemorial, that has meant that I am a Capricorn. I've got the coffee cups, calendars, and t-shirts to prove it. Now, someone has decided that things have changed enough over the last few millennia and 12 signs just aren't enough.

According to astronomer Parke Kunkle, the Earth has changed its position relative to the sun in the last 3,000 years--when Zodiac signs were first designated. The new sign--squeezed into the period of November 29-December 17--is called Ophiuchus. This has caused a seismic shift in all the other Zodiac signs. Check the chart; you may no longer be what you thought you were. So now what do we do with that time-honored pick-up line, "What's your sign?" I can see it now: A guy walks into a bar and utters the iconic conversation starter. The young woman says, "Well, I'm not sure; let me get back to you."  In my humble opinion, I am still and will always be a Capricorn. And Pluto is still a planet.