I came late to the game with regards to the FX Channel's  critically acclaimed hit crime drama "Justified." I was always intrigued but would forget about it. Then, when I'd remember I wanted to watch it, I couldn't find it; I thought it was on the USA Network. But now, I'm just about caught up. Season One introduced us to the characters that inhabit "Justified" and its eastern Kentucky locations. Timothy Olyphant stars as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. His frequent adversary is childhood friend Boyd Crowder who mostly led a life crime until imprisonment led him to become a Christian. But Raylan still (and rightly) never trusts him. Boyd's father Beau is a despicable villain who's had a long adversarial relationship of his own with Raylan's morally corrupt father, Arlo. Season One's story arc involved the Miami mob and its involvement with gun and drug running in and through eastern Kentucky. I've just started watching Season Two and it features a chilling subplot concerning the activities of the Bennett family and their pot growing enterprise in Harlan County. Bennett matriarch Mags, played by Margo Martindale (who just won an Emmy in September for her performance), is one of the scariest characters you might ever see on television. And I've only seen her in three episodes, to this point. Now, the trick is to tear through the final eight episodes of the second season because Season Three starts next week. It's a great show; check it out.