There is one film about the Super Bowl and I spent Sunday afternoon watching it. Black Sunday, one of my all-time favorites There are so many reasons I like this flick, not the least of which is it stars Robert Shaw, one of our greatest actors who passed away way too early at the age of 51 just two years after completing Black Sunday.In the film terrorists plan to kill 80,000 spectators at Super Bowl X, which was actually played January 9, 1976. In the film the year is uncertain.

Here are some other reasons I like it:

1. The action sequences were really filmed at the Super Bowl game. Movie cameras were hidden among the actual CBS Television equipment. So, except for the last few scenes, all the live shots featuring Shaw and the other actors mixed in with the actual fans.

2. Thomas Harris, who wrote the book, said the character, Dahlia, who is portrayed by the incredible Marthe Keller, eventually inspired the Clarice Starling character in the Hannibal Lechter books he would write later.

3. Bruce Dern, among the best villainous actors, portrays a blimp pilot who mission is to explode a bomb over the Super Bowl. The movie is as much about him as anyone else.

Bruce Dern by Mark Sullivan\Getty Images

4. The actual Dallas Cowboys' Tom Landry, Roger Staubach and Pittsburgh Steelers' Terry Bradshaw are shown getting off buses, on the sidelines and playing the game. If you were a fan of the 70's NFL you'll love it.

5. Played in Miami's Orange Bowl, Super Bowl X is strangely lifeless compared to today's epic event. Even Joe Robbie, who later had the stadium named for him, is interviewed in the movie.

If you haven't seen it, don't miss an opportunity ... but is best on Super Bowl Sunday!