We've all been in that uncomfortable situation... You're at the ballpark watching six year-olds running around in a circle and there's that one parent that thinks their kid is playing for Torre and trying to win a pennant. And sure enough, at the end of the game, that same parent is telling their child what they did wrong instead of asking if he had fun and telling him that he's so proud.

On Saturday, I wasn't at a t-ball game, instead I judged the pageants at the Peach Jam at Trunnell's Farm Market. Did a parent mouth because his kid lost? Yes, he did. Did I turn around, from the judges table and tell him what I thought about it? You already know that answer!

As most of y'all know, I've been in just about every type of competition throughout my life; Beauty pageants for as long as I can remember, talent contests from the 4th grade on, t-ball, basketball, cheerleading try-outs, plays, tennis, speech contests, Greek events, etc. Here's the deal... You win some, you lose some. I've won talent contests that I shouldn't have even placed 3rd in and I've not placed in events that I should have won. I was NEVER allowed to show my disappointment or anger over a competition result while the public was watching. What does that mean?!? Basically, when the results are in, you smile, congratulate the winner, show your gratitude for the opportunity and walk to your car and drive away. Now, when you're around the corner and you know that no one's watching, you throw your sh*t-fit and talk about how you should have won, haha! Seriously... that's the way you do it folks!

So, here's what happened on Saturday...

During the crowing/awards section of the pageant, 2nd Runner-Up was announced. I noticed that the Dad who was on stage with his precious little daughter seemed to be mad. I could see him huffing-and-puffing while Chad was announcing the Queen. Well, I was already mad. (And I felt sorry for his wife, haha!) After the winners were announced, they walked off the stage. As he walked behind the judges table, he (loudly) said," I didn't come out here to sweat this much for 2nd runner-up!" Ummm...excuse me?!? Are you seriously saying that out loud, in front of the other contestants, including the ones who beat your daughter and loud enough for ME to hear you?!?! Well, I turned around and reminded him that it was a beauty pageant and that his daughter was SIX MONTHS OLD! Yep, that's the kicker! She is a baby!! I mean dang it boy, get a grip! He's going to need to pull it together when her pre-school musical rolls around. I mean, I'd hate to be that teacher if his daughter isn't on the front row in the middle of the stage when they sing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"!

Look, here's the deal....

You PAID to have someone judge your child. Unless you are the only one entered, there's a big chance that you will not win. That's the beauty of it! (Pun intended!) I had an absolute blast watching those sweet faces of those boys and girls get on the stage, twirl around and have FUN! Yes, FUN!! Not to mention the confidence they gain and the ability to deal with disappointment from doing that. Plus, seeing a parent beaming with pride is a really special thing. Each and every parent that walked on stage believed that their child was the best. And, you know what, they're all right! I'm a parent, I know the pride of looking at your child and knowing how special and beautiful they are.

Being a judge is HARD! To be honest, I absolutely HATE it! Who am I to say which child should win?!? Not to mention the fact, that judges always have something different in mind of what they're looking for, so many times, the winner isn't who every judge thinks should win. So, please... take it easy on us judges. It's a tough job! Especially with those sweet little eyes looking at you when the winners are announced. It's brutal! Every child is beautiful and I wish we could give a crown and sash to every one of them! But, it's a great life lesson. We don't always win. More often than not, we're losing. But, that's life. Plain and simple,that's just life. And, how great of a life lesson is it to teach our children how to see the fun and positive in a situation that didn't turn out like we wanted.

So, to you Dad-who-showed-his-butt-at-the-Itsy-Bitsy-Peach-Pageant... chill out dude, support your child, watch with the utmost pride and enjoy the ride! Just look at Tad... he got 2nd Runner-Up and couldn't be happier! ;)

Congrats Tad!!