I follow CNN HLN morning anchor Robin Meade on Twitter. Not only is she gorgeous, has a great voice but she is also a NASCAR fan and a country music singer. Here she is with Owensboro's Michael Waltrip at the NASCAR Awards Banquet in Las Vegas Nov. 30th.

Robin Meade Twitter pic

Yesterday on her Twitter she asked her followers to confess what they did on Christmas that was just wrong.  Like these three for example:

I confess ... finding the Christmas presents one year with my brother and telling him they were all mine and he wasn't getting any.

I confess ... My parents have a half bathroom that has been decorated for Christmas since my childhood. I'm 29.

I confess ... Unwrapping all my presents as a child before Christmas and re-wrapping them so no one knew. Did once as an adult, too.

Well, I confess it'd be okay with me to find Robin Meade under my Christmas Tree. If I had one.