I've used WD-40 so many times to help me loosen rusty bolts to squeaky door hinges, I have been a big fan of this stuff for many years, there is a lot of uses for WD-40 I did not know about?

WD-40 is a man & woman's best friend, check out some of the other uses for it....

  • WD-40 can clean your bike & tools, remove grease, and lubricate locks, hinges, & all moving parts
  • WD-40 removes paint, gum, rubber cement, rubber adhesive, stickers, rust stains and more
  • WD-40 loosens and penetrates rusted or stuck bolts and plumbing joints
  • WD-40, everyone's favorite multi-purpose problem solver for over 50 years, cleans, lubricates and protects against corrosion. It also removes grease, gum, dirt, adhesives, & scuff marks.