Five years ago, some friends of mine and I--Chad included--went to see a horror comedy called Zombieland. It wasn't very good. But there was one sequence that was absolutely worth the price of admission.

In that sequence, one of the characters had locked himself in a bathroom stall, at which point a zombie clown quickly slid under the door. It was sudden and unexpected. And it freaked Chad out. The rest of us lost it! Hilarious!

Yes, we're all familiar with Chad's issues about clowns. So it is highly unlikely he will want to go near this thing. It's produced by goremeister Eli Roth and has not yet been assigned a release date. (Actually, he may not see it simply because it stands a good chance of being just plain bad.)

But, yeah, it's a horror movie called Clown. And it doesn't look as if it's being played for laughs, either. In fact, true to form for Roth, it looks like it's going to be loaded with the kind of bloody violence he incorporated in the Hostel films.

Quickie descriptions indicate that Clown is about a father who dons a clown costume and make-up for his son's birthday party and then can't get it off. And then it seems to possess him, or something.

Whether it ends up being decent or not, Eli Roth IS correct: a LOT of people are afraid of clowns. We all know at least one, right?