Everyone gets excited when the four years roll around and it is once again time for the Olympics. We all have our favorite sports and athletes, and we may even find a new spot to enjoy. I can sit and watch the Olympics for hours on end, and not just one or two events, I would have to say I enjoy about 99% of them.

One event that Olympic viewers will not be able to enjoy after the 2016 games is wrestling. The International Olympic Committee has been reviewing their list of sports for the 2020 games and has decided to cut wrestling from the list. Wrestling has been around since the inaugural modern Olympic Games in 1896. It was also a major part of the original Greek Olympic Games.

The IOC is meeting later this year to finalize the list for the 2020 games and will be deciding on which event should replace wrestling. The international federation for wrestling is trying to get a petition going to keep wrestling from getting cut; however there are several other sports trying to get that final spot. Those include:  baseball/softball, karate, squash, roller sports, sport climbing, wakeboarding, and wushu.

If you are interested in helping keep wrestling in the Olympic Games you can click here to see the petition.