Who's ready for the big Royal Wedding?  I know this week's events have put William and Kate on the back burner, but we could all use a little relief.  I think I watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana get married, almost 30 years ago!?!  Yes, 30 years ago,  this July 29th was when the first big Royal Wedding took place.  I'm so ready!  And yes, I was up at 5am in September of 1997 to watch Princess Diana's funeral, I'm faithful to the monarchy.  It's no surprise, tomorrow morning's events prompted a little history lesson/discussion between myself, Mom, and Dad.  I still haven't seen The King's Speech, which is the story of  Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI who took over the crown when his older brother, Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne because he wanted to marry an American woman.  So we get into the whole "who gets the throne when Elizabeth dies" argument.  At this point, if Elizabeth passes away, in theory, Prince Charles, her firstborn son, becomes King.  But then Dad says "she (Elizabeth) doesn't have to choose Charles", which is moot, if she's gone...Oh well, and when Charles passes, his firstborn, tomorrow's groom, Prince William takes over the monarchy, in theory, with Kate by his side.  Mom seemed to be concerned about Prince Andrew, Elizabeth's second born; there would have to be a catastrophic event, kind of like on Dynasty when the "Moldavian Massacre" occurred, or when the entire Royal family is electrocuted in the movie King Ralph and John Goodman becomes King.  Wacky!

I guess my real point is, if you don't want to get up at 5am, we are now in the age of digital video recording--Hallelujah! You can enjoy the Royal nuptials  whenever you want, save it, and watch it over and over again...I'll be watching it AND recording it, the ultimate addiction.