Twenty-five years ago today, I was at the Malco getting ready to watch a movie that I'd been looking forward to for months. As it's opening day got closer, I got more thanks to Michael Keaton.

It was, of course, Batman. It was to become the biggest hit of 1989 by a country mile and one of the biggest movies of all time. (According to, if it were a 2014 release, its total gross would be north of $501 million.)

But before I saw Batman, I had seen Michael Keaton--who played Bruce Wayne/Batman--on The Late Show with David Letterman.

And during Letterman's interview, Keaton revealed a HUGE spoiler.

So, in case you really have never seen the first Batman, SPOILER ALERT: Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by the man who would become the Joker.

I was shocked he'd said that, and I imagine Warner Brothers wasn't too pleased.

But, honestly, after watching the movie, it occurred to me that that Letterman revelation had little to no impact on how much I enjoyed the movie. Actually, I never gave it another thought.