In Atlanta almost 12 years ago (wow!) one final play between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans to determine who would come out victorious in Super Bowl XXXIV defined the term "heartbreaker". In their first season as the Titans, they had won the AFC championship, a feat not accomplished since they were the Houston Oilers in the AFL in 1961.

At the helm, Jeff Fisher, a former defensive assistant to Buddy Ryan and the Super Bowl XX winners the Chicago Bears. Fisher had been coaching the Oilers since 1994 and he stayed on with the Titans until 2010. Where we would he go next? If anywhere?

Those questions were answered today as it was announced Fisher would take over head coaching duties with..the St. Louis Rams. Yes, the team that took with championship out of the Titans' hands in 2000 now have Jeff Fisher calling the shots. Heartbreaking irony, is that a real term?