When I was in middle school, I heard "Rapper's Delight" by Sugar Hill Gang all the time. We all liked it, even if local radio stations didn't want to play it very much.

That is definitive "old-school" rap.

And Sugar Hill Gang's original version IS a definitive version. I didn't say THE definitive version because I think there are two more.

One other is by Neal McCoy who used to do it in his live shows all the time. I don't know if he still does; I haven't seen him in years. But McCoy's live cover was dead-on.

And now we have a THIRD definitive version. And it's the one that's sweeping the Internet as we speak.

Kudos to Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show team for editing together several pieces of Brian Williams' newscasts to form the 2014 update of "Rapper's Delight."

Hilarious! Check it out: