You gotta hand it to John Calipari. He doesn't waste opportunities. If he sees an opening, he WILL be provocative. Such an opening materialized after Kentucky handily beat Ole Miss 80-64 Tuesday night in Rupp Arena.

First of all, welcome back, Willie Cauley-Stein. The 7-footer had been all but non compos mentis in the last few UK games, including the huge road win at Missouri last Saturday. But his 18-point/11-rebound/6-block masterpiece against the Rebels seemed to indicate that the sleeping giant has awakened. (And don't look now, but he even shot 80% from the charity stripe.)

Now, on to that press conference.

He leveled accusations at some writers saying that he believed they had hopes that Kentucky would fail. He called the Wildcats the "most over-analyzed team in the history of all sports."

Now, I don't if he really believes this or if it's just another one of his motivational tools or if it's just another way to have fun with the press.

John Calipari = never a dull moment.