I remember Jump Roping for Heart one Saturday morning at Thruston School.  Dozens of us elementary school kids were there, back in the day, to jump rope and raise money for the American Heart Association.  Our gym teacher, Mr. Marx, put Irene Cara's "Fame" on the record player and off we went.  We were going to live . . . or jump rope . . . forever and light up the skies with our names.  LOL!  I think we jumped rope for about three hours straight and we thought we were jump roping all-stars.  Boy, were we wrong!  Check this gal out!  She's billed on YouTube as Jump Rope Girl: The World's Best Jump Roper.  And, make no mistake . . . she is definitely that.  This is INSANE!!

Isn't it ironic that we're discussing Jump Rope for Heart and watching this girl in action makes my heart want to explode?  I am exhausted.  And all I did was watch!  She is absolutely incredible and, since this video posted on YouTube on April 17th, Jump Rope Girl has gotten over two and a half million well-deserved views.