There are some that believe that love is just a misunderstanding between two fools; an insane uprising of hormones, wanderlust and the liberal consumption of brown liquor that typically manages to wreck the lives of lovers after doing some relatively hard time. However, there are a few that dwell inside the fairy tale world of the hopeless romantic; those that believe that in the end, love will conquer all, and that happily ever after and until death do us part should be chiseled deeply in to the tombstone of their relationship.

Unfortunately, the proverbial unity flame is hell bound and destined to burn out relatively quickly here in the tri-state due to a myriad of shortcomings ranging from financial troubles, infidelity and abuse – risk factors that, for some reason, are amplified here in the Evansville area. In fact, Vanderburgh County was ranked among the top 50 in the nation, back in 2008, in regards to divorce rates, according to the US Census Buearu – 30th in the country, with nearly 15% of all marriages ending in divorce.

However, the folks at Community Marriage Builders say that there are a few simple things couples can do to strengthen their marriage and ultimately keep their union from becoming a tragic statistic: always greeting one another with a smile, finding time to spend together, and being the first to forgive are easy ways to keep the bottom from dropping out of a marriage, according to CMB.

Yet, for couples that seem to have lost the spark that was pulsing through the universe on first-date-night; finding ways to have fun together again, by either getting out of town for the weekend or simply setting aside some time for a regular date night, can be a great way to rekindle that seemingly lost energy.

Incidentally, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity for a fresh start between you and your spouse. If you’re not sure where to being, start by asking your husband or wife out to dinner. It has been our experience that many beautiful things often transpire over good conversation and a nice meal. After all, the only thing you have to lose is your marriage.