I am proud to say that I have worn a seat belt every single moment I have been in a moving vehicle. I'm not sure what it would feel like to NOT have one on while driving or riding. I certainly hope you feel the same way.

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety has launched its Click It or Ticket Campaign for 2013, encouraging all drivers and passengers alike to buckle up before you hit the road.

As part of the campaign, you are encouraged to visit and "like" the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety's Facebook page and share a story about how wearing a seat belt saved your life or the life of someone you know. I know it saved mine, or, at the very least, prevented me from being injured far worse than I was.

It was back in 1996, and I was pulling onto Frederica. I was turning left and the car nearest to me--right hand northbound lane--was letting me out. But I didn't see the SUV coming up behind her. It merged into the left hand lane just as I got there while crossing and we collided. My car was much smaller and spun around in the street. Also, it was totaled.

I was in a bit of a daze, but I was okay, save for a pretty nasty gash on my left elbow. I know I would have been flung all over that car had I not been wearing my seat belt. And because I was so used to wearing it, it never occurred to me what might have happened otherwise. That's how everyone should be when they enter a vehicle.

The Click It or Ticket 2013 Campaign is underway. Go to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety's Facebook page and share your story now.