by Todd Keith, KY Transportation Cabinet, Public Information Officer

The snow line is expected to be at the Ohio River by about midnight Saturday. The snowfall is expected to be along al line from Fulton to Owensboro by about Noon Sunday. The snowfall should be along a line from about Cadiz to about Elizabethtown by about 3 p.m., Sunday.

Accumulation totals 8 to 10 inches north of the Ohio River.

From Ohio River to a line from about Cadiz to Owensboro we're looking at accumulations of 1 to 4 inches, higher as you near the river.  South of that Cadiz to Owensboro line it would be more 1 to 2 inches accumulation

Temps will be near zero on Monday with wind chill down to -10 to -25 on Monday.  This will make it very hazardous to be outdoors.  A simple vehicle breakdown could be life-threatening.

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