It's March 30, 1998. The entire nation is lamenting the news that gasoline prices are once again on the rise after peaking 10 days ago at $1.07!!!! Katie bar the door! Anarchy, I tell ya, anarchy! Nonetheless, folks are filling up their tanks because they are still in desperate need of getting to the theatre to see "Titanic." It's the #1 movie in America and has already grossed more than $500 million dollars.

Maybe folks are gonna stay home and watch "Seinfeld." It wraps up its run in two months. Oh, wait that's Thursday night. Besides, a hot show like "Seinfeld" would only be in reruns against the NCAA National Championship on CBS.

Tonight, Kentucky will take on Utah for the title. Rick Pitino may have left for the Boston Celtics, but he left a full cupboard for new head coach Tubby Smith. Let's see if the 'Cats can win their second title in three years.

Well...they did. And tonight, UK will try for their 8th championship against Kansas. It's been a long 14 years since Kentucky was playing on the final night of the college basketball season.  It's exciting for the Bluegrass. In fact, I'm guessing the majority of the 4-plus million who inhabit the Commonwealth will be silencing their phones, starting right around 8:23, tip time. Enjoy the game!