The winter Olympics are coming up very quickly and one of my favorite things about them is the skating. From speed skating to hockey, there is quite a bit of skating involved with the winter Olympics.

I have always wished I was a better ice skater. I can get out on the ice and move around fairly well (to me fairly well means without falling too many times), but I would never be able to race or even attempt a game of hockey.

Well the City of Owensboro’s Edge Ice Center has a program that will help those of us out there that would like to become more proficient on the ice! They are now accepting registration for their first winter session of the weSkate program. The program follows a lesson format created by the Ice Skating Institute of America.

The program has classes for all ages and abilities and has focus areas of figure skating and/or hockey skills. The registration deadline is January 13. You can register by calling 270-687-8720. For more information you can click here!