Lee Ann Womack is working with General Mills and CARE to spread the word about the Join My Village campaign through the use of social media and PSA's according to JoinMyVillage.com. The website helps focus on the needs of women and girls all over the world..and they can use your help!

The JoinMyVillage.com website is gathering funds from two major generous corporations to benefit poor women and children in Africa, and right now every click on the website and every donation is worth five times more. Click now and make a donation. I know your thinking why should I help those a world away? Just remember what a darling little sweetheart Ms. Womack is and remember that gal would not steer you wrong. In fact Womack makes a great point on the website she says, " This focuses on women and girls, that's what sucked me in. Change comes about when women are empowered. They're the ones who raise the children most of the time. I always thought it would take people helping people, more than anything. That's true of your neighbor next door or somebody on the other side of the world." I've been inspired by her giving spirit I hope you have too, Check out the link!