My name's Tootsie. I got into a wee bit of a mange problem here while back, but I am clean as a whistle now. They tell me I need to pass one more test and I am home free. Speaking of which, I need a new home. Please adopt me!I am WBKR's Sparky Rescue Pet of the Week and I will be on with Moon at 8:20 tomorrow morning. But, let me tell you about me...

I love, love, love - Frisbee. Did I mention I LOVE it? I can't catch it yet but if you throw it I will pick it up and bring it to you.

I play best when there are no children around - I knock them down! Or, cats. Cats... urrgh.

I love to play, seek praise, I am a hugger. I have all my shots, neutered and ready to live with you.

If you love me, email me at Or, call 684-4787 and tell them you want me. See you on the radio. Hee-hee, SEE you on the radio, LOL.