Local teacher, cheerleading coach and now author, Gina Mullis has penned her first published book entitled Friedenland. According to Gina, " It is a young adult fiction/fantasy geared for middle and high school students. However, it is a great read for all ages."

We interviewed Gina about her new book and the process it took to see her dream become a reality.

Gina, tell us a little bit about Friedenland.

The book is about a teenage, Annaleise, who is struggling to find herself while suffering the loss of her mother who disappeared without a trace. After a meaningless attack from bully Sheila, Annaleise wakes from unconsciousness to find herself in a new world where she embarks on unimaginable adventures with new friends in a fight against time to find and save her mother. Challenge after challenge leads Annaleise and her friends into a grand quest and battle revealing secrets and testing Anne's strength.

What was the writing process like? Any bumps in the road?

I have always enjoyed creating stories and writing in general. This particular idea came to me in a dream. It has always been my number one dream to write and publish a book which was motivation to finish the project. I am an English teacher and cheerleading coach, therefore the [writing] process was very long. Besides the exhausting process of contacting potential publishers I encountered no bumps along the road. It was actually a very exciting process.

How are you celebrating the release of your book?

My book launch party is on Sunday, August 4 at Penny Lane Coffeehouse in downtown Evansville from noon-3:00pm. It is open to the public. I am encouraging readers to pre-order copies as I will have a limited supply on hand that day.

Purchase a Copy!

The book is currently available at Barnes and Noble online, Authorhouse,com, Amazon, Booksamillion, and other online retailers. It can be found by simply searching the title Friedenland or "Gina Mullis."

The book is great for teachers and school libraries. I am encouraging readers to purchase a copy to donate to a school or to me to use as giveaways to schools at my school visits! My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/friedenland and my Twitter name is @GinaMarieLM or I can be found by searching Gina Mullis.