So, on Saturday I did something that I don't normally do on Saturdays.... Manual Labor! Ha! Yes, the nastiness of the flower bed in my backyard finally got on my nerves enough to clean it out. (I was surprised too, ha!) You see, when it comes to yard-work, my Mom is basically Martha Stewart. (Well, except for that stint in the pen...) That being said, she normally just comes in for the weekend and "we" get everything all cleaned up.

But, this time, I did it all by my lonesome and actually enjoyed being one with nature! Here's the cool thing...while getting my nails dirty (OK, I wore gloves), I discovered something pretty awesome! Here, take a look!!

What about that!?!? After clearing away the leaves and debris from one of my flowers, I found that a new batch of beautifulness was already prepping for Spring! Now, I have no clue what this are called, but I do know that when they bloom they will be pretty and yellow! Ha! So, while Spring may not officially start until March 20th, at my house... we're all geared up and ready to go!

Not sure about y'all, but... I'm ready to see this baby bloom!