When I saw Louisville's Kevin Ware break his leg during the NCAA Tournament matchup against Duke, it was so gruesome that, in my mind, he might as well have run his limb through a wood chipper. It was a grotesque enough injury, yet it somehow still managed to magnify in my mind.

Well, after the dust settled, I spoke to a few people who have knowledge of such injuries--my mother, a retired orthopedic nurse, among them--and it was pretty unanimous that Ware would recover from this break just fine.

In fact, I learned that he'll probably be up and at 'em before former UK star Nerlens Noel, whose torn ACL, sustained in a game against Florida, looked incredibly unpleasant but not as bad as Ware's.

Ah, how looks can be deceiving. I have another one: "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

And, I have a video for you of Kevin Ware working out recently at the Yum! Center in Louisville. It's not very long, but it does show impressive progress.