There is McBreaking news from McDonald's and it has arrived just in time for football season!  The fast food giant has announced that, starting September 9th, Mighty Wings will be available at all U.S. stores.  Yep! Mickey Dee's will soon be serving chicken wings!

Mighty Wings will be available in orders of three, five or ten and they'll start as low as $2.99!  And McDonald's is making sure their new chicken wings pack a lot of punch and heat.  The breading is loaded up with cayenne and chili pepper and, naturally, McDonald's is already armed with signature McNugget dipping sauces:  ranch, honey mustard and tangy barbecue sauce.

I have a few friends on the "inside" and they are raving about the all new Mighty Wings!  I can't wait to order some, hit the house, watch some football and eat some chicken wings!  I haven't even tried one yet and already "I'm lovin' it!"