Rory Mcllory is 18 holes away from winning the 143 Open Championship, completing the third leg of golf's Grand Slam; a huge, career-defining accomplishment, and he is only 25 years old. Yeah, I know I'm jealous too. Young Mr. Mcllory may not be the only one in his family who would benefit if he can hoist the trophy tomorrow morning.

According to Yahoo Sports, Rory's father, Gene, made a little wager back in 2004 that his son would win the world's oldest golf tournament before the age of 26. Gene and 3 friends reportedly put 400 euros on the young prodigy and 500 to 1 odds.  If the reports are accurate, Gene and friends would split $340,000. and with a 6 shot lead over American, Ricky Fowler,  Gene Mcllory might need to remember exactly where he left that 10-year-old bet slip.  Moral of the story:  If your gonna bet, make sure you bet on your kid to win!  I doubt Rory will feel much pressure, considering he'll be a millionaire just by winning one golf tournament