Hey guys! I'm Hayley Armstrong and I'm a Senior at Owensboro High School. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern down here at WBKR through a class called Academic Intern. It's been a blast so far, and there's only more good times to come.

I may spend time at WBKR in the mornings, but in my afternoons, I can be found running around Owensboro for cross country practice or dancing for the OHS Dance Team. When I'm free, I love to kick back and play some good ol' ice hockey. It looks rough on the outside, but it's so much fun and totally worth it!

My life doesn't revolve around sports though. Friends and family mean a lot to me, so I really love spending as much time as I can out and about with them. I have a passionate relationship with shopping that could possibly be deemed as unhealthy. I love love LOVE movies. Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Despicable Me, Pitch Perfect, and Forest Gump are only a few of my favorites.

I also have a deep love for monograms, chevron stripes and Lilly Pulitzer. She's my girl. if you ever see a lavender volkswagen around town, that would be me. My car is a '65 bug with a slightly dented fender, and I love it regardless of how much I stall it.

As a Senior, I'm still undecided about where I want to attend college, but I'm leaning towards Western Kentucky University or UK. I want to major in broadcast journalism and entertain people for a career. Originally, I was looking at a career in television production, but after working at WBKR, radio is looking pretty awesome.