Just discovered this great new way to diet. And, YOU can do it. Here are 7 helpful tips (wish there'd be 8) along with how many weekly calories you'll drop.

Write down what you eat. (145)

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This enables the mind to absorb the calories your body normally would.

During TV commercials get up and move around. (215)

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This works especially well when high-caloric food is advertised. Your feet take the calories and everyone knows feet don't get fat.

Always take the stairs. (315)

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Climb three flights of stairs each day. You won't be able to breathe. Thus, you eat less.

Pack your own lunch. (25)

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When you pack your own food the calories are lower than if someone else prepares your lunch.

Walk anywhere that is less than a mile. (195)


In Owensboro, that's almost anywhere. Let's all stop driving and walk.

Don't eat high calorie foods. (1,000!)



Get plenty of rest (2,000)

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The more you sleep, the less likely you are to eat.

And, finally ... April Fool!