Okay, all morning long I have been complaining of how cold it is in the studio this morning. We have some much equipment in the studio we usually keep the air conditioner on with the fan running year round. This morning, around 5, I noticed it had gotten really cold. Well, it's 2 degrees outside this morning. So, I decided to break the restriction and turn on the heat. Lawdy, it got cold. When Chad arrived around 6 I asked him if he thought it was really cold in here. "No, not too bad". Later, I decided to place a warm coffee carafe between my thighs to warm me up. That didn't work. Still not cold to Chad, he jumped in 12 degree water on Saturday. At 7 I called Chris Westerfield, our ace heating and air man. "Please come in and make it warm"... By 7:30 my feet felt like they belonged to someone else. Shortly before 8 Chris arrived and ... turned ON the heat. We never use the heat so I didn't set the heat thermostat. It was set on 40.


Moon and Chris, "See, here's the HEAT!"

Chris did some 'splainin' to me.