It's May 4th -- the day before Cinco de Mayo!  And, it's Derby Day!  This means all the rank amateur drinkers will be out in force starting tonight through tomorrow. This website, HowAboutWe, has five tips for a drinking date.


In Louisville years ago, a woman told me she always had a dozen White Castles before going to a Derby party.  I had just moved to Louisville and thought White Castle was a donut shop, the last thing you'd want to consume before drinking would be donuts! So, a greasy hamburger would be a good idea, maybe a sandwich... oh, Fritos would be good and it IS Cinco de Mayo.

2.  Drink Water

The article recommends to pace yourself. Have a glass of water for every one or two drinks:  Now for me, I have water in EVERY drink. Just not much.

3.  Play a Game

I am pretty certain that is not referring to taking a shot every time someone says "Horse" or "ole". Actually, If the joint has games like pool, darts or something requiring you to get up and move ... play! I like to see if my uvula can balance a melting cube of ice before it slides down to my tummy.

 4.  Take It To a Second Location

Try to go to more than one place. It forces you to walk -- even if it is to get a cab.  Don't drive and drink! You know that. Just saunter along and talk. Don't do as I do though and saunter and talk -- when there's no one with you!

Now, I totally disagree with the last one:

5.  Stick to Beer

Yuk!  Well, for me, beer is for after mowing  a lawn, a baseball game or when it's the only thing to drink.  Although I do have one every day at 2:00 p.m. But, if you're a beer lover, have at it. Just don't mix stuff.  No No!!  Beer and tequila, there's a name for that -- "Sloppy Drunk", ore as they say in Mexico, sloppy drunk.

So, there you have it. Have a great Derby - Cinco de Mayo Saturday night.

Oh, and this stuff ...

... is not for pros. Just amateurs!