When a car company releases a new car they expect it to sell like nothing has ever sold before.  And back when cars were six thousand dollars each, the automotive industry was booming.  They made quality cars for cheap.  And now that we are 50 years into the future in the 2000's, cars are more expensive and a little lower down on the quality ladder. If you want quality... you're really going to pay for it.

Take a listen to MotorCast!

It's apparent that people didn't really realize what kind of car that they had back in the '60s.  They didn't see that when they bought a 1969 Camaro SS, that it would be worth a ton of money in 40 years.  Makes me wonder what new cars out there today are actually going to be worth extreme amounts of money later on down the line.

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The new Dodge Dart was featured this week in MotorCast rather heavily.  It began in 1960 as a big enormous pile of steel, later to get crunched down and share powerplants with the Charger and Challenger. The 5.7 Hemi. American production stopped in 1976 but the Dart badge was still worn on cars in Spain, Mexico and South America.  in 2012 they made a rather interesting decision with the Dart when they brought it back.  Apparently Neon sales were rather low and they still needed an entry level compact to stay on point with the small cars of the world.

I have had the pleasu.... opportunity to drive the new Dart. SXT package, 2.4L N/A i4.   I'm a plush seating kind of guy, soft suspension kind of guy and a V8 kind of guy.  The new Dart isn't the car for me.

Also featured this week were some of the iconic cars of television and movies.  The list was fantastic and was provided via Edmunds.com.  I picked out my top 3 and they are below!!

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The ever popular Delorean Time Machine. Driven by Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the 1985 movie "Back to the Future"

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The Ford Gran Torino from "Starsky and Hutch"

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The early 90's Ford Explorer from "Jurassic Park".  It drove itself and had leather interior along with a full panoramic glass roof and an on-board computer system.


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