It is common practice for a great seasonal brew to include an ingredient that swiftly draws the senses into the time of year intended.

For the harvest season, this power ingredient is usually pumpkin. A beer with pumpkin can be a wonderful thing, transporting the imbiber to musty hayrides at dusk, transcendental bonfires and frantic trick-or-treating fuzzy with fructose. Thankfully, with beer, there is overwhelming variety. Venture outside the confines of the staunch seasonal category and you can truly unlock your very own seasonal brew personality. In a very general sense, when it’s warm, people stick with the light brews: lagers, pilsners, and even pale ales. Come fall and winter, heartier more flavorful styles of beers can complement the climate better such as porters, dark ales, IPAs and stouts. With this in mind, the liquor store is now truly open to explore in your quest to find the ideal seasonal brew.  Much like the cereal aisle in the grocery store the amount of choices are astounding, but among the shelves and slots there are many fantastic beers out there that can be the perfect fluid companion to all fall excursions. Without pumpkin, these unsung heroes of the harvest are sure to make you feel one with the dank earth and the crisp air of fall.

Tin Man Rivet RedAdding a tinge of local flavor to the mix, Rivet Irish Red boasts those sultry and sweet caramel-malts with a clean finish. A low ABV means that many can be had by the campfire.

Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout – This Englishman comes from a 250-year-old tradition that is the real deal. It boasts bold, warm flavors and is surprisingly smooth with a kick of cane sugar.

Spaten Dunkel – Straight-outta Deustchland, this brew is a silky-smooth malt paradise. Very accessible in consistency and ABV to any typical American drinker.

Anchor Porter – This beer is proof they do it right in Frisco. It boasts fall-inspired flavors such as caramel, toffee and chocolate but is available year-round. Multi-faceted flavor that is very drinkable.

Negra Modelo – Darker cousin of the Modelo Especial, this beer brings the warm, malty flavor while keeping the super-smooth texture that is extremely familiar to the American brew palate.

Bell’s Porter – Much in the same spirit as the Anchor choice, this brew shoulders between the lighter end of dark beers and heavier end making it very flavorful, but still very drinkable.

New Belgium 1554 – This black lager is ideal for waxing poetic on a hayride. It is sweet and spicy with a fantastic roasty malt flavor. Complex flavor and smooth as can be!

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog – This “American Brown Ale” hails from New Hampshire. It is fuller-bodied than your typical brown ale and has more of a hop presence.

3 Floyd’s Robert the Bruce – Boasting the highest ABV on the list, this Scottish-style ale is all-around malty with roasted biscuit-like flavor. A powerful weapon against cool autumn nights.

Take this idea to the walk-in freezers and shelves of your favorite swillshop and find your own autumn nine! – Nick Durcholz

Love to Drink Beer?  The Oktobeerfest is Oct 18th!

Celebrate German Heritage and all things beer at Oktobeerfest on Saturday, October 18th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Vanderburgh 4-H Center and try Dark Horse Brewery Beer.

Sample from over 100 authentic German beers, seasonal Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers all in one place! Plus, enjoy a fall atmosphere with German cuisine available for purchase and live music! Must be 21+ to attend.


Ticket Information: $35 in advance, $45 at the door and includes admission into the event, a 5 oz. souvenir tasting glass, and 4 hours of unlimited sampling.

Designated Drivers:  $10 and only available at the door. Designated Drivers must be 21+ as well.