Owensboro filmmaker P.J. Starks--proprietor of Verite Cinema--has announced that production will soon begin on a new horror anthology.

I LOVE horror anthologies. Grew up on 'em.

There was, of course, Rod Serling's Night Gallery--perhaps the most famous--but also lesser known collectives like Ghost Story and The Sixth Sense--yes, it was a 70s thing before it was a blockbuster 1999 thing.

The new Verite Cinema project--called Volumes of Blood--interweaves five "tales of dread" into one horrifying story set in a library.

Here are the five interconnected stories:

That's a Wrap! - Directed by DP Bonnell

A group of friends attempts to create a new urban legend, the consequences of which turn deadly.

A Little Pick Me Up - Directed by John Kenneth Muir

A young woman, searching for something to keep her going during a late night of research, is approached by a mysterious stranger.

Ghastly - Directed by P.J. Starks

A typical night for a librarian turns into a classic ghost story.

Encyclopedia Satanica - Directed by Nathan Thomas Miller

A student, allowed to stay after hours and study, dozes off only to awaken in a darkened library to find she may not be alone.

13 After Midnight - Directed by Jakob Bilinski

A woman facing regrets finds an ancient spell book that leads her to make a grave decision.


I love it! Those storylines totally remind me of those old shows!

Anyway, P.J. and his production partner, Jim Blanton--both of whom gave us the indie horror short Lucky--will begin production in August and expect to wrap in November with a target release date sometime in the spring of 2015.

Volumes of Blood was written by Todd Martin, P.J. Starks, and Nathan Thomas Miller.

You can become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VOBanthology.