If you see a guy walking down your street just staring at houses and perhaps being tailed by a group of people who might have cameras, well, not to worry. That could very well just be Owensboro filmmaker PJ Starks. He's scouting locations for a new film he plans to start shooting this summer.

PJ used to be an occasional guest on a talk show hosted by Chad and myself on AM1490 WOMI called The Screening Room. PJ had been working on a romantic horror comedy entitled "Necromance" last summer, but he ran into budget issues and had to shelve the project.

His new film is simply called "My Horror Project" which capitalizes on the "found footage" craze as it tells the story of two filmmakers who set up shop in a creepy old house supposedly possessed by demons in an effort to debunk the "haunted house" theory once and for all.

Filmed documentary-style, "My Horror Project" aims to take the genre and turn it back on itself, but with terrifying effect. PJ will direct and co-wrote the screenplay with Jakob Bilinski and plans to begin work on the project in July. This is PJ's first credit as a writer; he called the experience a "blastie blast."

"My Horror Project" will be PJ's third feature-length film following "Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street" and "Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh" which he associate-produced with Jakob. "My Horror Project" is slated for a premiere sometime in 2012.