So, now that we've all had a good long taste of navigating the streets of Owensboro in recent days and weeks, can we mark the obstacle course task off our list of assignments should we all decide to join the police academy? Because of Veach & Byers, a long stretch of Frederica, and any given point on Scherm Road, my steering wheel needs a chiropractor. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed this so much...oh wait, who am I kidding? Of course, I would notice it. There's been some sort of construction work on at least one road in Owensboro for at least two years. Please understand I'm not complaining; the work needs to be accomplished and it's great that it can be. But let's level--aren't you starting to feel it in your upper arms? The turning, the detouring, the 5 minute routes that have bulged to 20? But back to my original point. It really hit me in the face the other day when, during the course of necessary errands, I needed Scherm Road, Veach Road, and Frederica Street. All tolled, my travel time went well past a half hour. Sometimes I feel like I'm in those car commercials where the vehicle twists and turns through a series of orange road cones at top speed.  I think the road work in Owensboro has reaffirmed my belief that driving is like a video game. When you leave destination A in order to get to destination B, think about everything you encounter that could add or subtract points from your total if it was a joystick and not a steering wheel you were holding. Do they still call them joysticks?