"It's always your favorite sins that do you in."

That's my favorite line from Kenny Chesney's latest hit, "You and Tequila," written by Matraca Berg and Deana Carter. But I'll try to withhold playing the song as I drive down West Parrish Avenue in Owensboro. Thanks to Grace Pointe Church and this tongue-in-cheek little number, I had a big enough laugh that I needed to pull over.And when a church sign gets me going like that, I just gotta take a picture of it. I love that churches can bring the humor to their street signs when conveying their messages. And sometimes they're just for the sake of humor itself, as was apparently the case with this Cumberland Presbyterian sign I saw a couple of months ago. There's even a book you can purchase full of these clever marquees. After driving around town, I think the author needs to come to Owensboro.