Just as spring was about to bloom everywhere, ol' man winter is back for a final shot here in the Ohio Valley. Those of us who suffer from allergies need to know that it may be really bad this year because spring came so late. According to Dr. Debra Masood of Northshore Medical Group in Evanston, Illinois, the best way to avoid the tree pollen and grass is, "...sleeping with the windows closed, driving with the windows up. When you come in from the outside, wash from head to toe and change clothing."

Salt water nasal washes to remove pollen from the lining of the nose are good to us as well.

Np prescription required for over-the-counter antihistamines but they can become habit forming. Steroidal sprays -- prescription required -- are effective as well.

Dr. Masood says if none of these work, "If you want more of a long-term solution ... we recommend the immunotherapy, which is where you are given small incremental shots of what you are allergic to, and it time, you become tolerant."

You have to be careful with allergies because they can inflame and become infected.

Owensboro's pollen count is moderate for today but very high Tuesday and Wednesday.