I recently saw a movie called "The Company Men" starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, and Chris Cooper. It's about three men who deal, in various ways, with the losses of their jobs due to corporate downsizing. In the movie, there's a place where two of these men go every day until they can find work. It never says exactly what type of establishment it is, but it closely resembles a non-profit organization called Professionals in Transition.

Professionals in Transition is a support group but it also helps out the unemployed and under-employed with locating jobs and creating opportunities. Anyone who finds himself or herself in need of its services will receive them. The doors are open to anyone in an unfortunate employment situation. And the support PIT provides is crucial as those who lose their jobs often find themselves in a downward spiral emotionally. PIT curbs that mindset through the passing on of leads and through coaching; many who lose jobs simply are not familiar with being that position. It's a tremendous option for anyone for whom the economy has dealt a heavy blow. PIT has been in operation since 1992, but I get the feeling it's never been as welcome a presence as it is now.