University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino was invited to be a guest on the Toucher and Rich Show, a Boston sports radio talk show. His interview was, uh, brief.

With seconds of calling in and being welcomed to the show, Coach Pitino was told by co-host Fred Toettcher, "You ruined the Celtics!" And then the guys hung up on him.

What followed was a couple of radio hosts yucking it up and patting themselves on the back all the while rehashing a truckload of ancient history about Rick Pitino's failed tenure as the head coach of the Boston Celtics after he left Kentucky in 1997.

You can hear the segment here.

However you might feel about Rick Pitino, this is a cheap shot. And it's incredibly unprofessional if you fancy yourselves serious talk show hosts. But it's also an  outdated grievance. Yes, Pitino's years at Boston were less than stellar, to be kind. And these guys could very well have been preaching to the choir considering how the city of Boston loves its Celtics and still, perhaps, fosters some hard feelings about that period.

But the Celtics were hardly RUINED. Since Pitino's exit, they've made 10 post-season play-offs, including two appearances in the finals and a championship in 2008.

As a radio professional, I'm not a fan. For one thing, it could make any potential future guest think twice about calling in. I certainly would. Plus, there won't be one sports analyst in this country who will take the sides of the hosts and they'll just look bad.

Come on, guys. I've never even heard of you, but you have to be able to do better than this.