You gotta be kidding me. Randy Travis has once again run afoul of the long arm of the law. What in the world is going on with this guy?

It hasn't even been a month since he was arrested in Texas for drunk driving--while naked--and threatening a sheriff. And, now he's at it again.

This new charge is less serious, but Texas is once again the setting. It seems he got into the middle of a fight between a female friend and her ex and got slapped with misdemeanor assault. Authorities do report that, this time, he was not intoxicated. But for the third time in 2012, Randy Travis has had a brush with the police.

Does he have a manager? Is anyone close to this man paying attention? Doesn't anyone think this is highly unusual?

You know, I've always found the high profile elements of Randy Travis's career interesting. When his career launched in 1986, he instantly became a country music superstar. And now, he's in the news all the time for getting arrested. And he's always stricken me as being a very mild-mannered guy.

From superstar to mug shot photo album. I'm completely baffled.

I certainly hope someone closer to the situation isn't.