It came to my attention earlier today that tomorrow is Record Store Day and some artists are offering their music on vinyl. Dolly Parton and Eric Church for example.

This day is set aside to honor independent record stores -- apart from big Box Store chains --  that continue to operate in certain cities.

If you google 'Record Store' you get this. So, we aren't without our share. But they are not the traditional record store where you'd go in and buy a record, whether it's -- if you remember -- a vinyl 33 or the plastic 45.

If you don't know what I refer to when I say '33' or '45' it means the number of revolutions per minute the turntable had to make in order to hear the tune properly.

For fun, I used to play a 45 at 33 speed. You've not lived until you hear Connie Francis sing 'Jealous of You' in slow speed.

When I was a kid, I'd listen to Ray Clark on Lubbock radio. His show -- sponsored by the U.V. Blake Record Store -- came on at 10 p.m. every night. Ray would play the new stuff first and tell you a little about the artist or the song. In later years I found out he was the manager of the store! Not sure how ethical it was but it made for a good marriage between the station and the store.

I believe 45 records were .49$ (I still miss the 'cents' insignia on the keyboard). Not too bad -- even today when you can download a digital single for not much more than that.

So, to one of my favorite memories -- the Record Store. Have a good Record Store Day!