"Back When" by Tim McGraw. Runtime: 4 minutes, 23 seconds. I was fortunate to be listening to WBKR, recently, when I pulled up to the intersection at 24th and Frederica in Owensboro. The McGraw song had just started as I arrived. It finished just before the light turned green. See, I could look up the time on "Back When." And, when I did, I learned I had sat at that light for close to 5 minutes. In terms of length of stay, I believe it to be the worst intersection in town. Honestly, if there is one that is longer, I'd like to know so I can avoid it at all costs. Come on! Nearly 5 minutes? What happened to the timers on these things? What happened to pulling up and tripping the switch with you car? And don't suggest pushing that signal button on the pole on the sidewalk; I've tried it to no avail. I've even done the "car dance."

You know, where you back up then pull forward then back up then pull forrward in hopes of activating something...anything. While sitting there, it occurred to me, "I've experienced shorter MONTHS!" And then, after a while, it just gets silly. You scream at the light...THE LIGHT! Or, even worse, you HONK. Then you realize you're losing your temper at an inanimate object. Then you have your next birthday. Then your children graduate from college. Then grandchildren and retirement. Then....at long last....the light changes. I guess going back to a 4-way stop would be too much to ask...yeah, I kinda thought so.