Everyday, I look at the "Trending Now" list on the right hand side of the Yahoo! front page to see what's...you know...trending now. Sometimes, but not often, I'll find something that'll make for good blog material. Well, today, I didn't find anything that was necessarily inspirational...except that I did.

While I'm not directly writing about any one of those topics, I have to wonder WHY (and, yes, all caps is mandatory here) a Sally Struthers OUI has made the Top 10.

By the way, OUI stands for "operating under the influence."

Operating a motor vehicle. Not surgery, people. Stay with me.

Anyway, the two-time Emmy winner was pulled over in the early, early morning hours of September 12th in Ogunquit, Maine. September 12th was last Wednesday. This is Sunday. And the actress's arrest--which she is fighting--is still a top 10 trender.


Now, Struthers WAS a cast member of one of television's most historic and influential sitcoms, All in the Family, but since that show ended its run in 1979, there hasn't been much going on. So, it's not like she's been in the spotlight all this time. It's not like everyone's been clamoring for the latest piece of gossip about Sally Struthers, or at least it wouldn't seem so.

And it certainly is odd that 4 days after she was pulled over, her predicament still trends more heavily than #8 "Arab Winter" or #10 "Innocence of Muslims," both of which are directly related to this week's violent uprisings across the Middle East.

I don't know, maybe her work as a spokesperson for the Christian Children's Fund makes this arrest shocking enough to grab people's attention for a strangely extended period of time. Who knows?

I just thought it was bizarre and felt like commenting.

What about you? Does this story still intrigue you? Did it ever? Does Sally Struthers, after all this time, still hold some sway over YOUR life?


[EDITOR'S NOTE: As of this publishing, the Sally Struthers arrest has left the Top 10. I guess we've moved on, at long last.]